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Cleaning By Love is one of the longest established cleaning services in Bellevue, Idaho.

Like our customers, each home cleaning is unique. We listen to special instructions about not dusting that special antique, or concerns about finding balance between using green cleaning products and disinfectants that kill harmful bacteria.

Keeping these special home cleaning considerations and your budget in mind, we design your household cleaning services around you. Special notes and instructions specific to your home are created and communicated to your future house cleaning team.

Our Management team is highly experienced in cleaning and servicing homes and businesses in the Wood River Valley. We are supported by a motivated and long serving cleaning staff.

Our teams will dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves, and baseboards. We will remove cobwebs, vacuum carpets, wash floors, and dry wooden floors. We will vacuum furniture, including under the cushions. As needed, we will also empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets.

We’ve built our business over many years through one satisfied customer at a time, and we rely on positive recommendations to spread the word about our thorough house cleaning services in Bellevue.

We also offer these additional services:

  • Oven cleaning
  • Refrigerator cleaning
  • Microwave cleaning
  • Wall washing
  • Cabinet cleaning
  • Furniture Treatment
  • Post-construction cleaning
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Handyman Services availabe upon request

Cleaning By Love Benefits:

  • We will always do what is right
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, and a hard work ethic
  • Total customer satisfaction
  • Go the extra mile
  • Persevere with a 'Do Our Best' attitude
  • Our teams are available by appointment during regular business week days.

Speak to a member of the team about your cleaning requirements at (208)481-0347.

Tips For House Cleaning

Clean Your House With The Correct Tools

Making your cleaning easy can be done by having the right tools. Cleaning your home doesn't require expensive products. You can make your home cleaner with just a few basic, reliable items.

Use Microfiber Cloths

Home cleaning professionals prefer microfiber cloths for cleaning. Cleaning surfaces with microfiber cloths is more effective than paper towels and sponges. To clean surfaces, use distilled white vinegar and microfiber towels. Combine white vinegar with water and dish soap to make a multipurpose cleaner that can be used both for general cleaning and stain removal. Microfiber cloths are three times more efficient than traditional cleaning cloths and can kill 99 percent of bacteria with water. This is why many hospitals use microfiber towels, cloths, and mops.

Tips For Cleaning Your Home's Kitchen

Tips for cleaning your kitchen. You can prevent your kitchen from turning into a disaster by following these simple cleaning tips. Keep your kitchen clean and keep an eye out for spills and other messes throughout the day. To prevent your kitchen from becoming chaotic, clean it every day. Cross-contamination can be avoided by getting rid of the clutter and mess you accumulate each day. To quickly clean up spillages, keep a microfiber cloth handy. It will prevent them from becoming hardened, making it ten times more difficult to clean.

It is possible to complete simple tasks quickly and easily. After each meal, wash your dishes. This will save you the hassle of dealing with leftovers later. You should get rid of trash as soon as it gets to the top. Don't procrastinate when cleaning your kitchen. Make your kitchen neat and organized by cleaning the floor every night, paying attention to any buildups or surface messes, and cleaning up all daily clutter.

More House Cleaning Tips For You

Baking Soda Cleans Up Spills And Stains

You can quickly clean small spillages from countertops and appliances with a microfiber cloth. Baking soda can be used to clean up larger food-related spillages. To prevent grease buildup, keep some baking soda in your pantry. To remove grease buildup, wipe the area with a clean cloth. Allow it to sit for a while, then use a damp cloth or sponge to wipe away any grease.

Tips for Your Bathroom Cleaning

Bathrooms are a place where many things happen. It is important to keep your bathroom clean and free of germs. These tips will help you manage this space that is so often used.

Clean highly-trafficked spots several times per week. Regular cleaning of the bathroom, like in the kitchen can prevent you from having to do more extensive and frequent cleanings. You should tackle small tasks before they grow into big problems. Regular cleaning is necessary for the toilet, the bathtub, shower, and floors, especially behind the toilet. This is the germiest area in your home and should be cleaned at most once a week.

It is possible to avoid having to tackle larger problems later by creating simple, consistent cleaning habits in your bathroom. Us a shower squeegee to clean your toilet as well as toothbrush holders at least two times a week.

Regularly Clean Your Tools

Regularly clean your microfiber cloths. Machine wash, tumble dry in dryer. If the microfiber cloth appears worn, change it out as soon as possible.


Try To Avoid These House Cleaning Mistakes

A Short List Of Don't Do This When House Cleaning

Keep procrastination to a minimum. Procrastinating is a common mistake and makes it difficult for you to keep your home tidy and clean. Small tasks can lead you to larger, more complex tasks that can be overwhelming. A daily cleaning schedule can help you avoid this common mistake. Make sure to clean out the kitchen and bathroom on a daily basis in order to avoid any buildup. You should make sure you get up in the morning and spend 10 minutes cleaning your bedroom and living areas. These little changes can make a big difference in your overall feeling about your home.

Make Use of The Property Cleaning Products and Tools

The wrong tools are another error that can easily be corrected. Make sure that your vacuum can clean more than just carpets and rugs. You should choose a vacuum that can clean soft furniture and curtains as well as stairway steps. You can use microfiber cloths for soft surfaces and mops for harder surfaces. People make the mistake of using the same sponge to clean everthing. Sponges can collect bacteria and are not generally sanitary, especially after heavy use. To save money on cleaning supplies, microfiber cloths can easily be washed after each use.

Delegate As Many House Cleaning Chores As Possible

Attempt to assign cleaning tasks to everyone in your household. It can be a big mistake to try to do everything yourself. If you feel overwhelmed and unable to complete your cleaning tasks, it is time to rethink your strategy. It is important that everyone in your family contributes to cleaning your home. If you need or want help, hire professional house cleaning services from Cleaning By Love. If there are children at home, you can write up a children's chore list. To make deep cleaning easier for adults, divide and conquer is always a good strategy. Remember, "many hands make light work."


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