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Bald Mountain (9150ft, 2789m) is a mountain located in the west United States, in South Central Idaho. It is adjacent to Ketchum, Blaine County. It is located in the Sawtooth National Forest and has one of Idaho's highest summits. Named for their propensity to host summer forest fires, the forested Smoky Mountain were also named. It is the Sun Valley's primary ski mountain. It is well-known for its long runs with a consistent gradient and at different levels of difficulty. Bald Mountain opened for lift-served ski in the fourth year of Sun Valley operation (1939-40). It was equipped with three single-seat chairlifts and unloads at 9,020 feet (3,749m).

Bald Mountain has a base elevation at 5,750 feet (1.750 m) along River Run's Big Wood River. The northeast face of Baldy is 3,400 feet (1.036 m). There are 14 ski lifts that serve it (an eight-person gondola and seven high-speed quads; three triples, two doubles and a surface); Baldy boasts the highest uphill capacity of any ski area. There are 75 runs on the site, covering 2,054 acres (8.31km2) of off-piste skiing and 645 acres (2.61km2) that have snowmaking.

River Run Day Lodge offers a variety of healthy and hearty options. You can relax after work or just fuel up for the day. River Run Day Lodge is the perfect place to relax after a long day on the slopes. A variety of cuisines are available at the Lodge, which is located right at the base of Bald Mountain. The full bar has the best apres-ski drinks. You can choose from a variety of dishes and enjoy them on a sunny patio, or sitting next to the fireplace in this luxurious lodge.

The slope ratings are 42% harder, 36% easier, and 22% of the most difficult. These ratings are not absolute. Most of Bald Mountain's "easiest terrain" would be considered intermediate at most ski areas. The beginner areas are located on Dollar Mountain, which is smaller and gentler.

Bald Mountain (or Baldy, as it is commonly known) is North America's first ski resort. It also offers incredible hiking trails and stunning scenery. Baldy, which rises more than 3400 feet above Ketchum, Idaho and Sun Valley, Idaho is an amazing mountain. Baldy is a huge chunk of dirt that few people know about. The gentle summit ridge is more than a mile in length.

The undeveloped "backside" of Baldy extends for miles back into Warm Springs drainage, through a series long ridges or canyons. The eastern portion of Baldy has been home to 66 named ski runs, with over 2,000 acres of terrain. 13 ski lifts are also available. This mountain is a dream for hikers as well as skiers. There are many trails that cross the mountain, from beginner to expert. You can also save your knees by taking a chairlift down if you are hiking in summer or winter. Although you won't get a true wilderness experience by hiking this mountain, you will be surrounded by paragliders and mountain bikers. However, the Wood River Valley scenery is breathtaking.

The Warm Springs Ski Lodge

The Warm Springs Lodge at the base of Bald Mountain, first built in 1992, was Sun Valley's original luxury ski lodge, for day use but not overnight lodging. With towering old-growth timbers, river rock, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows, it ushered in a new era of elegance for Bald Mountain amenities. In April of 2018, a fire destroyed the roof and interior of the lodge, but Sun Valley Resort has since recreated a new-and-improved facility to serve the Warm Springs area.

How to Get There

Two main entrances to hiking Baldy are located near the Ketchum area. The River Run entrance is on the south side, which is the most popular. It is easy to miss if you follow the signs. Warm Spring north is the other entrance, but it is less well-known. Turn left onto Warm Springs Avenue from the North Side of Main Street. Follow it to the Lifts. You can continue on Warm Springs until you reach the lifts to explore the remote back side of Baldy. However, there are no trails beyond this point. You will definitely need a map if you decide to explore this area.

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